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Highlights [Dissertations]

A Distributed Music Information System [Dissertation]

Raimond, Yves (PhD Dissertation, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK, January 2009)

"(...)In this thesis, we develop a distributed music information system that aims at gathering music- related information held by multiple databases or applications.(...)"

Designing and understanding information retrieval systems using collaborative filtering in an academic library environment [Dissertation]

Jung, Seikyung (PhD Dissertation, Oregon State University, 2008)

"This dissertation consists of three scholarly articles presenting a broad set of results with the goal of helping people find interesting information in large web document collections. "

Applying the 5S Framework To Integrating Digital Libraries [Dissertation]

Rao Shen (Phd Dissertation, Virginia Tech - Dept. of Computer Science, 2006)

"We formalize the digital library (DL) integration problem and propose an overall approach based on the 5S (Streams, Structures, Spaces, Scenarios, and Societies) framework. We then apply that framework to integrate domain-specific (archaeological) DLs, illustrating our solutions for key problems in DL integration. An integrated Archaeological DL, ETANA-DL, is used as a case study to justify and evaluate our DL integration approach. We develop a minimum metamodel for archaeological DLs within the 5S theory.We implement the 5SSuite toolkit set to cover the process of union DL generation, including requirements gathering, conceptual modeling, rapid prototyping, and code generation. 5SSuite consists of 5SGraph, 5SGen, and SchemaMapper, which plays an important role during integration..."

Users, technology and space in libraries in the digital age [Dissertation]

Tripti Gore-Chandorkar (MIT - Dept. of Architecture, 2005)

"This thesis is a user research study of emerging issues in the use of libraries as public spaces and as information repositories in the digital age. Till recently strong physicality was attached to the library with the only access to its information resources being visiting the library premises. The availability of the Internet, digital documents and wi-fi has brought about unprecedented changes in the function, use and operation of libraries today. The environment of evolving technologies is bringing about a variety of new user practices that creates ambiguity for the future of the library as an institution as well as an architectural space..."